Merrick and Atlantic [7-29-20]

K2M Photography specializes in portraying the men and women of various emergency service agencies hard at work and serving their communities. Aside from photographing these heroic figures K2M can often be found covering local and large scale automotive events. The firefighting and auto components of my photography are childhood passions that stayed with me as I grew up. These passions have evolved into much of the subject matter that I focus on. But these are not the only fields that I photograph and I am always seeking out new opportunities. If you are interested in working with me than feel free to contact me via email [nyphotographer@optonline.net] or find me on Facebook [www.facebook.com/k2mphotography]. All photos on this site are available for purchase in an array of sizes and that process can be initiated by clicking the “BUY” button atop the right corner of any photo. Purchased photos help to keep the site up to date and running. If any questions or concerns arise regarding purchasing photos feel free to contact me. I thank you for your support of this site and hope you enjoy the photos that are posted. – Kevin Mad / K2M Photo

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Merrick and Atlantic [7-29-20]

Merrick and Atlantic [7-29-20]

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