Ronkonkoma Installation [1-15-22]

On the night of Saturday, January 15th, 2022, the Ronkonkoma Fire Department held their installation dinner. Ronkonkoma Ex-Chief and current Commissioner Brian Cook was the Master of Ceremonies for the event which began with the pledge of allegiance, the national anthem, and an invocation. The Chiefs, line officers, and other positions within the department were then installed into office. Awards were given to members for achieving various years of service and top response to alarms. One of the more notable awards was the Firefighter of the Year award which was presented to Lieutenant Michael White for pulling a man from a vehicle that crashed and caught fire in Lake Grove on December 7th, 2020. Leading the Ronkonkoma Fire Department is Chief of Department Eric Cook, First Assistant Chief Vincent Diaz, Second Assistant Chief Zoltan Kiss and Third Assistant Chief Michael Hofmann. Congratulations to those awarded and good luck those installed into office.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Ronkonkoma Installation [1-15-22]

Ronkonkoma Installation [1-15-22]

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