Michael Ornauer Benefit [4-7-19]

On the afternoon of Sunday, April 7th, 2019 a benefit was held for Michael Ornauer who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver and pancreatic cancer. Mike is a Nassau County Parade and Drill Official, a retired Nassau County Fire Communications Dispatcher [#30], an employee of the Nassau County Firefigthers Musuem, and a Long Beach firefighter. His involvement in these agencies has made him well known throughout the Nassau County fire service over the years. The Sunday afternoon fundraiser was held at The Sands on Lido Beach – the use of the venue and food were donated by the Dover Group. Hundreds of people attended the event with many buying raffles and expressing their well wishes to Mike who was on hand for the event.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Michael Ornauer Benefit [4-7-19]

Michael Ornauer Benefit [4-7-19]

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