Meadowbrook State Parkway [4-16-20]

On the night of Thursday, April 16th, 2020 the Roosevelt Fire Department operated on the scene of a confirmed car fire. The incident was located on the right shoulder of the southbound Meadowbrook State Parkway north of Babylon Turnpike. One hand line was put into operation off Roosevelt Engine 733 resulting in a quick knockdown of the fire. Also, on scene was Roosevelt Engine 732 and Ambulance 736. All fire department units were under the command of Roosevelt Chief of Department Chris Wint [7300]. Fortunately, the driver made it safely out of the vehicle prior to the fire and the scene was turned over to New York State Police.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Meadowbrook State Parkway [4-16-20]

Meadowbrook State Parkway [4-16-20]

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