Jones Beach Theater [5-16-20]

On the morning of Saturday, May 16th, 2020 the Wantagh Fire Department was dispatched to a building fire in the vicinity of the Jones Beach Theater. As fire department units were making their way towards the theater, they were met with a column of black smoke rising from the area. Upon arrival firefighters were met with a large brush fire behind the theater. The alarm was upgraded for Wantagh to a general alarm [all stations] as well as the marine unit and EVAC unit. At this time mutual aid was starting to get notified to respond to the scene and to standby. Fire and EMS staging was established and setup in the parking lot of Field 5A. Firefighters spent much of the morning into the afternoon battling the blaze which was fueled by strong winds and dry brush. A Nassau County Police Helicopter was on scene for much of the operation and was able to relay to command the progress that was being made and what areas still needed to be addressed. All fire department units were under the command of Wantagh Chief of Department Ken Kelly [6900].

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Jones Beach Theater [5-16-20]

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