Ex-Chief Presti Presentation [4-5-21]

Prior to the start of the North Merrick department meeting on the night of Monday, April 5th, 2021 a small presentation ceremony was held at fire headquarters for the department’s most recent ex-chief – Robert Presti Jr. The event consisted of presentations from the Chief’s Office, various companies, and others to Chief Presti thanking and recognizing him for the six years he spent in the Chief’s Office – including the two years in which he led as Chief of the Department. The presentations made are traditionally done at the department’s annual installation dinner; however, due to COVID19 the department is unsure when the next dinner will be held and wanted to ensure Chief Presti was properly recognized. Joining Ex-Chief Presti Jr. at fire headquarters was his wife Jen, sons Keith and Scott, and daughter Julia.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Ex-Chief Presti Presentation [4-5-21]

Ex-Chief Presti Presentation [4-5-21]

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