East Overlook [11-13-17]

A Port Washington chief’s investigation for a water flow alarm at The Amsterdam at Harborside was upgraded to a general alarm late on the afternoon of Monday, November 13th, 2017 after a heavy smoke condition was found on the building’s sixth floor. After further investigation firefighters found an apartment fire in apartment 625 of the sixth story senior facility. As firefighters began utilizing the building’s standpipe system and getting a hand line into place evacuations began on the fifth and sixth floors. Mutual aid was called from several departments to assist in the evacuations and to assess and possibly transport any potential aided. Despite the fire being on the building’s top floor and dozens of residents needing to be evacuated only one person was reported to have been transported to an area hospital while others were evaluated on scene. Firefighters made a quick knockdown of the fire which was being investigated by the Nassau County Fire Marshal’s office. All fire department units were under the command of Port Washington Chief of Department Vogeley [8500].

K-Mad updated gallery ‘East Overlook [11-13-17]

East Overlook [11-13-17]

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