East Merrick Road [8-29-12]

At 23:40 hours on the night of August 29th, the Freeport Fire Department was dispatched to an overturned auto with a report of entrapment. Units were given the location of East Merrick Road and the Meadowbrook State Parkway; however, when the first units arrived on scene they found the overturn to be on Merrick Road past Albany Avenue but before the parkway. Those first on scene also confirmed that the driver, the lone occupant of the vehicle, was trapped inside his auto. Freeport Truck Company immediately responded to the scene with units 217 and 217-2 and wasted no time in putting the tools into place to free the occupant. The extrication lasted approximately fifteen to twenty minutes and was performed by Freeport Truck Company. During the extrication operation, Nassau County ESU 2420 arrived on scene as they were notified of the accident as well. When the extrication was completed, the driver was removed from the auto and placed on an awaiting stretcher. From there the driver was loaded into the back of County Ambulance 2387 and transported with a laceration to his left arm and a possible fractured left elbow. The forty-five year old male victim did not lose consciousness during or after the crash. Also on scene from the Freeport Fire Department were Engines 211, 212, and 216 along with Fire Police 21-11. All fire department units were under the command of Chief Baer [2100]. After ESU up righted the vehicle, fire department units took up and the scene was left in the hands of Freeport Police.

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East Merrick Road [8-29-12]

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