East Merrick Road [2-5-19]

At 17:44 hours on the evening of Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 the Freeport Fire Department was called to a car into a building at All County Auto Body [66 East Merrick Road]. When fire department units arrived on scene, they were met with a car into a building at an adjacent building located at 50 East Merrick Road. Freeport Chief of Department Ruiz [2100] requested that the technical rescue team matrix be put into place. This brought TRTs from North Bellmore and Rockville Centre to the scene to help shore up the building due to the significant structural damage. The vehicle involved crashed through a closed garage on the number one side of the building, hit a car inside the shop, and struck the wall on the number four side of the building. During the operation one precautionary hand line was stretched and charged off Freeport Engine 216. The driver of the vehicle reportedly suffered a heart attack and was later brought back. The accident remained under investigation and all fire department units were under the command of Freeport Chief of Department Ruiz [2100].

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East Merrick Road [2-5-19]

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