Long Island Fire Photos Reboot

Monitor Long Island, Inc. is pleased to announce the official relaunch of LongIslandFirePhotos.com .  Created in the fall of 2010, LongIslandFirePhotos.com became a central website to keep you connected with the latest and updated galleries from many of Long Island’s dedicated Fire Photographers.  In the past 5 years, not too much on the site has changed, until now.

A new site design should be the first thing you will notice when you visit the site. We changed the entire layout to make things easier for you to navigate. The newest pictures will now be at the top of the page, instead of being in a fixed layout. The new design is also now more open and uncluttered, with easier to read fonts.  Our new design is also mobile and tablet friendly.

In addition to the site changes, our Facebook Timeline will also see some updates throughout the day.

If you are a local photographer or know of any would would benefit from our free services, please fill out the “submit your gallery” link on the top menu bar.

Like always, your feedback and comments are important to us, so please be sure to click on the feedback link and leave us your comments.

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