Randall Avenue [9-12-17]

At 21:17 hours on the night of Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 the Freeport Fire Department was dispatched to a car versus garage and above ground pool at 294 Randall Avenue between North Bayview and Pennsylvania Avenues. When firefighters arrived on scene they were met with a confirmed car through a garage and into an above ground pool. The driver of the car was removed from his vehicle prior to fire department arrival and went on to refuse medical attention. The detached garage belonged to a home on Lena Avenue while the pool belonged to the home on Randall Avenue – where the incident was originally called in from. Members of Freeport Truck Company checked the structural integrity of the garage – both before and after the car was removed by NCPD ESU. Freeport Engines 212 and 216 were also on scene along with Ambulance 219. All fire department units were under the command of Freeport Chief of Department Matt Colgan [2100].

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