OFD Line of Duty Dedication Ceremony [11-18-18]

On the afternoon of Sunday, November 18th, 2018 the Oceanside Fire Department [with the assistance of the Town of Hempstead] held a line of duty dedication ceremony at Oceanside Fire Headquarters. The event was held to remember the lives of eight members of the Oceanside Fire Department who over the years have made the ultimate sacrifice. Each member will now have a street renamed after them – in some instances the street where they lived and in others the firehouse, they were a part of. All eight of the street signs were unveiled at the Sunday afternoon ceremony. Friends and family members spoke about many of the departed and what the renaming meant to them. A second version of each street sign was given to these family members and friends to keep. The purpose of the ceremony and new street signs is to ensure each of these men are not forgotten. The eight men are: Ex-Chief Thomas Staab, Ex-Captain Vincent Herbert, Ex-Captain William Koerner, Honorary Captain Anthony Zito, Firefighter Stephen Wade, Chief Dominic A. Lagudi Jr., Ex-Captain Joseph Jarvis Sr., & Captain Keith Lane.

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OFD Line of Duty Dedication Ceremony [11-18-18]

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