LBFD Hosts Local Family [12-20-17]

Late on the night of Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 a few firefighters from the Long Beach Fire Department became aware of a Long Beach woman battling cancer who is expected to undergo a double mastectomy. Having learned about this through social media the firefighters wanted to do something for the woman along with her seven-year-old daughter and boyfriend of four years. In less than twenty-four hours the Long Beach Fire Department was able to provide a Christmas party for the family on the night of Wednesday, December 20th that included food, gifts for the family of three, and a visit from Santa Claus. The party, which was held at Long Beach Fire Headquarters, was a success and was made possible, not only with the help of the fire department, but several businesses that rose to the occasion to brighten the holidays for this family.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘LBFD Hosts Local Family [12-20-17]

LBFD Hosts Local Family [12-20-17]

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