Ex-Captain Tanaka Funeral [6-9-20]

The City of Glen Cove Volunteer Fire Department held a funeral on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020 for Ex-Captain Gilbert “Gil” Tanaka of Engine and Hose Company No. 4. Ex-Captain Tanaka was a 52-year member of the Glen Cove Fire Department and the first Asian-American to join its ranks. He was a United States Coast Guard Veteran and had been recognized by the County Executive in 2015 for his military service. In 2018 he was honored for his fifty years of service to the Glen Cove Fire Department. Upon leaving the funeral home Ex-Captain Tanaka’s procession stopped at fire headquarters for a short service before continuing to the Nassau Knolls Cemetery in Port Washington.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘Ex-Captain Tanaka Funeral [6-9-20]

Ex-Captain Tanaka Funeral [6-9-20]

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