East Merrick and Guy Lombardo [6-1-12]

On the morning of June 1st, the Freeport Fire Department responded to the intersection of West Merrick Road and Guy Lombardo Avenue for a motor vehicle accident with overturn and spill. Engine 216, Rescue 217-2, and Ambulance 219 responded to the scene. Upon arrival, units had found that all victims had self-extricated themselves and that they had a Hyundai Santa Fe flipped onto the driver’s side. The SUV was hit by a Hyundai sedan, and there was a third vehicle involved in the accident as well. Two of three drivers were taken as aided to area hospitals. They were transported in Freeport Ambulance 219 and County Ambulance 2370. Members of Engine 216 as well as Aimes Collision handled the spill on scene. Nassau County ESU Unit 2422 also responded to the scene but was not needed due to no entrapment.

K-Mad updated gallery ‘East Merrick and Guy Lombardo [6-1-12]

East Merrick and Guy Lombardo [6-1-12]

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